Spotlight on Showman - Ryan Reeder

We were so lucky to meet Ryan and his family at our Southern Arkansas Drive On Pig Camp and Sale last year where he purchased his pig from us. Since we have met, and been able to follow him during both his fall and then his winter show seasons in Louisiana, it has been made clear that there is nothing Ryan can't do if he puts his mind to it. We have truly enjoyed watching him grow in the show ring and learn how to be a competitive showman. Thank you Ryan for all the work you put into your White House Genetics pigs and we wish you many more PURPLE ribbons along the way.

Here is what Ryan has to share with us.

Hi! My name is Ryan Reeder. I am 10 years old and live in the small community of Point in North Louisiana. I started showing pigs at 6 years old. Showing livestock is a family tradition; so, I can remember being at a livestock barn at an early age before I started showing. My favorite part about showing is traveling and making new friends at livestock shows. So far, showing has taught me to speak to adults and to be able to quickly respond to questions about my project. I know I will learn a lot more as I get older. I met Mr. Andrew and Mrs. Stephanie almost a year ago. Since then, they have followed my show success. They have supported me, cheered me on, and given feed advice as needed for the pigs I bought from them.

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