Spotlight on Showman - Dalton Schmidt

We have been lucky enough to have watched Dalton show these last several years. Over this time he has changed in so many ways and became such a better showman and feeder. This year he took a big leap and went to the World Pork Expo. Here is a little bit about Dalton!

I have been showing pigs for the past 8 years and have been showing White House Genetics pigs for 4 years. I also raise Boer goats and show market lambs. My whole family had shown pigs, so it was a natural fit for me to start showing when I joined 4-H. I started out at the county fair, then we started showing at jackpot shows and the state fair a few years later. Last year was my first year to show at the World Pork Expo.

My family first met Stephanie and Andrew when they bought a Yorkshire gilt from us a few years ago. Since then we have had the opportunity to show some great pigs from them and had lots of fun. Having someone to go to with any questions about the pigs has been extremely helpful over the years. They have helped us with everything from feed to showmanship.

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