Spotlight on Showmen - Corey Bruns

It is easy to love what you do when you get to meet wonderful, young adults, like Corey. We only got to see Corey show a few times over the summer, but each time we could see he put every effort into his work. One memory we have over the summer was how much pride we saw Corey have in his younger brother. When his younger brother was in the ring, Corey was right there cheering him on and giving him water when in the holding pens. Thanks Corey for being such a great example for all those younger eyes!

~From Corey~

Hello, my name is Corey Bruns. I am nineteen years old and I am proud to call the small town of Williamsburg, MO., home. I have not been showing as long as some of the showmen out there, but I have a few years under my belt. I got started showing my last few years of 4-H and I showed all four years of high school. I am grateful to say I have the opportunity to show at a state and national level alongside my brother and friends. But most of all I am grateful for the new people and new friends I have the chance to meet each year.

We have always shown crossbred hogs up until this past year. I told my brother and my father at the beginning of last year that I was ready for a different sight to look at when we walked in the barn every morning and ever night, so in saying that we decided to go purebred. I knew from the start I wanted a York, but couldn’t put a bid on anything I looked at before.

Knowing I only need two more pigs we loaded up and made the trip to the All American Pig Sale in Sedalia, MO. This is where I first met Stephanie and Andrew and their York. Walking away from that sale with that York I knew I got what I was looking for and more. I got the pig I was looking for and that later became my best friend, but got to meet two great people.

Stephanie and Andrew were there every step of the way offering advice anytime I need it and there for support at shows. I can’t be happier to say I had the opportunity to show that WHG York. Most of all I can’t wait to work with WHG in the future and showing more of their hogs.

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