Make Your Goals

We thought it would be a great insight to hear what older showmen do to prepare themselves and their show stock. Many successful showmen set goals and that helps them stay on track. We believe that taking the time to write down what you want to accomplish for the year and keeping it somewhere where you can see it will help push you as a showman and help you learn to set goals for your future, even out of the show ring.  

Here are some helpful tips and goals experienced White House showmen have shared with us!

+ Keep in Contact with Your Breeder – I find that our breeder knows their genetics best. So why not let them make suggestions along the way? Keeping in touch with our breeder has helped us learn new feeding techniques and another set of eyes never hurt anyone. We reach out to them by sending pictures, videos, and sharing feeding rations on a regular basis. – Darby

+ Do More Than Show - Have an experience in the show pig industry outside of going to shows. Attend a camp where you can learn more about showing, learn leadership skills, and meet other kids who love show pigs just as much as you. - Delaney

+ Set Small Goals - I find that setting a small goal each week helps me reach the big ones. For example, I do not want my pig stressed before it heads to the show, so one of my goals is to put the pig on the trailer every day to get them used to it. Little things like this makes a huge difference in your pig’s attitude and in return makes them more comfortable when traveling and at the show. – Bailey

+ Leave Your Comfort Zone - Get out of your comfort zone! In order to become a better showman, you have to do this. These experiences will allow you to learn new things. Go to a different show, try a new way of feeding, or show a different breed of pig. – Delaney

+ Listening to the Judge – I make it a goal to listen to the judge before it is my turn to go into the ring. This way I can better understand what showing style he or she prefers. This is great for both showmanship and for your class. One of the best ways to get better at showmanship is actually going to a show and listening to the critiques the judge has for you and watching another showman and learning from them. -Darby

+ Decide Your Target Show – by picking your target show and determining your pigs ideal and prime weight is something that many people overlook. When you decide what show you want your pigs to look their best for, aim for that one. Work towards setting your feed rations to reach that ideal weight for that show and keep track of it on a dry erase board. – Bailey

+  Have a Set Schedule - Decide your schedule of shows in advance so you can be prepared for each show. We have found that sometimes paperwork takes longer than we planned so being prepared and keeping everything in a spiral bound notebook is an essential. – Delaney

+ Meet People - Make it a point to create relationships with people who can help you. Your breeder, vet, and older showmen are great people to get to know. Also, be open to making friends with your competition! - Delaney

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~Andrew and Stephanie White

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