Spotlight on Showmen - Bailey Boland

It's so fun having showmen who LOVE improving and are willing to go the extra mile to make sure their stock has just the right touches. Bailey has always given that to her animals. We loved having pigs in her barn and we also enjoy her visits when we are in the farrowing house delivering pigs. Every stage of the game is important to her. Thanks for your hard work and great representation of WHG, Bailey! Read below the blog Bailey wrote sharing her experience throughout her career.

Hi! My name is Bailey Boland; I have been showing pigs since I was 9 years old. Growing up on a row crop and beef cattle operation, agriculture is in my blood and animals have a special place in my heart. Showing an animal of some kind was a given when I got old enough to be in 4-H and I decided to show pigs. I am currently attending my first year of college majoring in Animal Science (Pre-Vet) with plans to continue on to veterinarian school. Showing has taught me a lot, but most importantly, it has shown who I am.

I have always shown pigs from local breeders, so when I found out about White House Genetics I was excited to get to look at their stock and have another local breeder to get pigs from. From the beginning, Stephanie and Andrew have been great to work with, before I even started showing pigs they raised I could call them and they would do their best to answer any questions I had.

Last year I showed my first White House Genetics pigs and had great success with them. I got a crossbred gilt from Andrew and Stephanie to go to my first World Pork Expo. I had shown at a couple of national shows and several state fairs before going to Expo, but nothing compared to the competition level and magnitude of expo. The gilt ended up doing exceptionally good at expo and at a couple of jackpot shows in Missouri. The barrow I got was for our county fair and state fair, he was a lot of fun to work with and ended up having a good showing career.

Along with the great pigs, this past year it was great to have Stephanie and Andrew as part of my support team. They travel to as many shows as they can to watch all of their showmen and animals. It is great to have a breeder that is willing to travel to look at your animals and give you pointers to make the animal better. I look forward to several more years of showing pigs from WHG and getting to work with Stephanie and Andrew.

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