Get Your Piglets Dry & Nursing!

We love farrowing season! There is nothing like watching new baby pigs arrive, getting them cleaned up and nursing as quickly as possible. Getting those new babies dry and nursing is a sure sign of success for us in our barn. When we find a product that helps us do this, not only do we use it but also we want to share it with everyone else!

We started using Shield Plus to dry off all our baby pigs just this year, and we plan on sticking with it because of the pure quality and positive effects we have seen. Shield Plus is a drying powder that we dust on the wet, newborn piglets. They are dry, because of this, within minutes. Getting them dry quickly warms up their core body temperature faster and in return encourages quicker colostrum consumption.

After we dry the babies with the powder, we also sprinkle some on our heating mats, keeping the mats dry and less slippery for the little pigs trying to find their feet.

The powder also doubles as a disinfectant. Sheild Plus protects against strep, staph, E Coli and salmonella. It protects the sensitive navels of the newborn piglets and in return they will have less of a chance to see infection and ruptures in these sensitive places.

We thought many of you might want to look into this product as you are farrowing in your own barn. Click here for their website or give Jake Alden a call at 816-465-0358 or email him at or Trish Dalbey at 816-351-1735 or email tdalby@timacusa. If you are also in Missouri, you can reach Jake and Trish at the Missouri Pork Expo, booth #88.

Here at White House Genetics, like always, are happy to answer any question you may have concerning this product and any others as we all continue to work towards growing strong healthy litters!

Want to learn more? Join us for our 2017 Drive-On Show Pig Camp! Click here to learn more and register.

Happy Farrowing Season!

Andrew and Stephanie White

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