Spotlight on Showmen - Darby Schmidt

What a summer we had with the Schmidt girls! We were able to watch them show at county fairs, their state fair and World Pork Expo. We had so much fun traveling to expo with them and are very grateful that they let us join them. We know that 2017 will be just as great. Even though Darby is done showing at the county and state level, we are ready to hit up expo with her. Darby, we are counting down the days until we get another gilt in your barn and we are heading to Des Moines to make some more great memories in the showring!!!!

~ From Darby

Hi! My name is Darby Schmidt and this past year was my last year showing pigs as a 4-Her and my first year showing pigs for White House Genetics. This year I showed two gilts from Andrew and Stephanie, a crossbred and a spot. This was my first year showing a pig of the spot breed, but I absolutely loved it! I have been showing pigs since I was 8 years old, but this year I finally accomplished many of the goals I had set for myself thanks to Stephanie and Andrew.

This year my sister and I showed at a national pig show for the first time. We had been showing at county and state shows for years, but being able to show pigs competitively at a national show was a step in our show careers we wanted to take. Thanks to Stephanie and Andrew this goal was accomplished.

This summer was a little different than most summers showing. I attended my first year of college in Kansas, I interned at the Missouri State Fair (three hours from home), and also showed at more shows than my family had in summers past. Stephanie and Andrew were very helpful all summer, they answered any questions we had and even came to any shows they could to watch us show. It was exciting to have them watching us ringside and have them helping us get our pigs to look their best on show day.

Showing pigs over the past 11 years has taught me to always challenge myself and never let my failures get me down. I had a great summer and fall show season showing pigs for White House Genetics, and I am excited to continue to show WHG pigs in the future.

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