Is Your Pig's Skin, Show Day Ready?

Skin care can be a major deal breaker in the showring, and good skin care starts at home. I think we all like to hear the judge comment on how well groomed our pig is when they are talking placings! Here are some tips on how to keep your pigs skin, in tip-top shape.

~Brush Daily:

This may seem elementary, but the foundation to good skin starts with brushing the entire pig. Although a pig might have thick skin, it does have sensitive skin, so use a soft bristle brush. Doing this improves blood circulation, thus assisting in healthy, clean hair growth. It also keeps your dirt stains from setting in. No one wants a stained pig!


A pig’s hide is naturally dry, and just like your skin and hair, finding the right type of conditioner can make a big difference. There are many types of skin care products, some home remedies and others you can buy from your favorite showstock products dealer. We like to use a mixture of Suave conditioner and products you can buy from a showstock dealer. Just like people, every pig is different so one product may not work for all your pigs. This is not just something to do on showday, this is something you do at home, starting when your project gets home.

~Clean Pens:

Keep your pigpens clean! I know, I know. It takes so much work, but properly caring for livestock is no easy task. Your clean pens not only mean a shiny, star-studded pig. It also means your pig is in a healthy environment, and this is a positive that shows not only with a clean showday ready coat, but an animal that will grow and flourish on the scales. Whether you keep your pigs on dirt, sand or shavings; keeping manure and mud out of the pen is ideal. If your animal is constantly laying in waste, mud and dirty shavings, it's skin will stain and not have that ideal show-day shine that we all envy from the sidelines.

We hope this gives you some ideas to help you get to the winners circle! ~Andrew and Stephanie

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