Spotlight on Showmen - StormiLyn Love; Wyoming

We were so lucky to have had a pig in StormiLyn's barn this year. Even though she lived all the way in Wyoming, we built a great relationship throughout her show season. Thank you Stormi for your dedication to showing your White House pig!

Hi! My name is StormiLyn Love. I have shown pigs for five years. I have shown pigs from three different breeders, but White House Genetics has been by far the best!! Showing pigs has been my pride, joy, and passion from the moment I met my first pig Sugar. From there I had a variety of gilts and barrows. This year I had Alison. I started showing when I was eight years old. I wanted to show animals to make my Daddy in Heaven proud. I know that I definitely have. I have won four Grand champion buckles, and two Reserve grand champion awards, along with multiple class wins, and division wins. Along with showing pigs I show lambs and goats.

Showing animals has impacted me in only positive ways. It has given me so many opportunities, as well as so much experience with people. I have made some of my best friends through showing. I also grew closer to understanding why my father’s passion was showing. I definitely understand his infatuation now.

A few things I would like to say to other showman would be: First of all, never give up! Second of all, never stop working hard. Third, you never know who’s watching; keep it kind and professional.

I will always get my pigs from White House Genetics. The costumer service is outstanding, so are the pigs. The pigs are tame, mild mannered, and very showy. Also, Stephanie and Andrew are always willing to help.

Whether I’m in the barn or in the show ring, I am all ways having the time of my life especially with a White House hog by my side! J

-StormiLyn Love

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