Spotlight on Showmen - Tyson

Tyson was a hoot when he walked into the barn. He liked the "camo" colored pigs, aka the Spots, and was full of wit! He also was full of questions about the pigs in our barn. How we raised them, why we kept them this way or how we did this or that with our pigs. We could see that his curiosity was at peak and that he had full interest in the pigs he was viewing. He also had a good eye, and pointed out every pig we found to be the top of what we had in the barn. For a 10-year-old young showman, it is easy for us to say that he has an enormous amount of potential and his curiosity is finding him answers to improve him as a showman.

Besides his want to learn, he already has done great things inside the showring. His family purchased a gilt from us, showed her as a market hog, she won her class and placed 3rd in the in her division. They farrowed her and came out with top-notch pigs. Tyson was Overall Reserve Grand Champion Market Hog, Northwest District Fair, Arkansas and the littermate was a class winner at the Arkansas State Fair. His showmanship skills in the ring show also, as he has done very well in showmanship classes.

Thank you Tyson for your dedication to the industry. We are excited about your future in the showring. (The Arkansas State Fair can't come fast enough, we are sure you agree!)


This was my 5th year to show a pig. It takes a lot of time and work. I worked extra hard on my showmanship skills this summer and won my division at our county fair. It's easy to get frustrated when your pig doesn't want to do what you want it to but that's one reason you have to work extra hard with them. We raised our own show pigs this year and it was a new experience. My favorite part of showing is being in the ring showing my pigs. -Tyson, age 10

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