Spotlight On Showmen; Brady Jones

Arkansas was one our first great adventures with our pigs leaving our home state. Let me tell you, it fueled us for the long haul. We would have to thank Brady Jones and his excellent skills both in the showring and most importantly, at home. When a family like Brady's sets down with a plan for a hog, they reach goals. These last few years they have really done that successfully and it has shown while they are in the show ring. Last year he won his class at the Arkansas State Fair and placed 3rd in his division with his market hog.

Brady also enjoys raising pigs at home. His mom sent us something Brady had said the other day.

"I like showing pigs, but raising pigs is the best thing!"

Thanks Brady for your dedication and honest approach to the industry. We are excited to see what road you take in the future.

Here is a little bit from Brady!

I've been showing pigs now for 6 years. I've seen all sides of showing from production to working with them to putting them in to the ring and as far as onto a plate or back in to production. It all takes hard work, dedication, and supportive family and friends to be successful. If you're not dedicated enough to be in a cold barn at 3 am farrowing pigs, or up early to walk them when the high will be in the 90's in the summer, then showing hogs may not be for you! My favorite part of showing has been the production side. We are always excited when it comes time to farrow a sow or gilt and see how many new babies we will have! -Brady, age 14

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