Dressing to Win in the Show Ring

A big thank you to Delaney Schmidt! Her fashion sense is right on, especially when it comes to what to wear in the show ring. Feel free to share this blog with your show ring friends.

Show Ring Fashion

When you are in the ring, your livestock should always be the center of attention, but it’s important for you to look just as good as them. This includes being both in style and, most importantly, appropriate and professional.

Nice jeans are the basis of any show ring outfit. They should be dark with no rips or holes and preferably starched and ironed. Guys should wear a nice button down or collared shirt and girls can wear a nice button down or a blouse. Also, if you’re given a t-shirt from the show, it’s always a good option for a top. This is really the only situation when you should be wearing a t-shirt in the ring. Girls can accessorize, of course, but huge necklaces and lots of bracelets can get in the way of showing. I like to wear cute earrings as my biggest accessory because they won’t get in the way. Closed toed leather shoes are a must. Boots are your best option, but Sperry’s and Twisted X driving mocs are a great alternative. A nice tooled leather, concho, or bling belt tops your outfit off. You’ll have to change your outfits according to season, as well. Short sleeve shirts are great for hot summer shows and layering a sweater over your button down can keep you warm and stylish in the winter!

Girls Outfits:

Here are a few of my outfits from the Missouri State Fair this summer:

This is a great way to wear a show t-shirt. Adding a belt and necklace can make you stand out, but remain classy.

The most important thing is that you are confident in how you look, so you can show your livestock off to the best of your ability!


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