Spotlight on Showman - Austin Livengood

Sometimes you are lucky enough to pass a passion along to a member of your family, and when Austin told us he wanted to show a pig, Andrew was more than ecstatic! We loved visiting Austin during the summer to see what him and his pig were up to. During these times we would watch Austin walk Jimmy the Pig around with no shoes, and an exchange of Nutter Butters and belly rubs were given. Austin has the heart for improvement and he has the goals to prove it. I know he is ready for next year and we can’t wait to see him put his goals into moving plans! Thanks Austin for your big heart, willingness to learn and sharing some information about yourself.

From Austin,

Hi. My name is Austin Livengood. I am nine years old and am in the fourth grade. Andrew and Stephanie White are not only family. They are my friends too. Last year, I chose to show a pig for my 4-H project. My dad and brother have always shown cattle so this was a whole new deal for our family. I went to the White House barn a bunch of times and had my eye on Jimmy from the beginning. He was cute, playful, and always came up to me. Jimmy was born in February 2015 and came to our farm after he was weaned. I fed him three times a day and gave him Nutter Butters and strawberry marshmallows for treats. I learned how to wash him and I walked him every day in the field. Jimmy loved belly rubs almost as much as Nutter Butters.

I won Jackson County Res. Champion Barrow, Rate of Gain winner at the Johnson County Fair, and junior showmanship at our county show and class awards at other shows. My goal for my first year was to pen at the State Fair and we did! Andrew and Stephanie came to many of my shows and taught me everything I know like how to tap the pig to get him to cooperate and keep the snout up.

This year I am super excited for show season. I plan on showing two barrows and one gilt. I have already picked the names – Princess Pickles, Riggs, and Phillip. They will be the newest members of the JIMMY PIG FOUNDATION. I can’t wait for them to be born and to meet them. My goal is to be the Grand Champion at the Johnson County Fair and to place higher than last year at the State Fair.

I love White House Genetics and am so thankful for all that Andrew and Stephanie do to help me and my pigs.

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